For users with problems of preparation, maintenance and use thematic layers of spatial objects. The system is a specialized space-oriented CMS system and can work with any AS and support interaction interface through the appropriate web services, has its role-based security model to work with data which provides opportunities to:

  • Creation thematic layers;
  • Editable thematic layers;
  • Export-import layers;
  • Create and edit objects;
  • Export-import objects;
  • Geopositioning of themes on the map;
  • Publications in GIS;
  • Role-based access model.

In contrast to existing web apps, our product allows the user to create, edit, save thematic objects with attributes (Points of Interest - POI) and publish in the database UniRaster and thematic GIS ISGeo data.

More about Gis-Extra

Options for integration and use

1.     From any AS that supports the interaction interface through the appropriate web services.

2.     As a centralized tool of formation and preservation the thematic spatial information:

  • for corporate use (publication in the corporate systems with limited access);
  • for publication to an external site (public use).

The script of use

1.     Creating, editing and deleting the thematic layers and objects.

2.     Installing icons for the objects of thematic layers.

3.     Setting geographical coordinates for the object on the map.

4.     Geopositioning the objects of thematic layers on the map.

5.     Export-import layers, objects.

6.     Export GIS layers and objects through a unified web service.

The implementation functions (business functions)

1.     Import the thematic objects with the functions of download image files.

2.     Export the thematic objects with the functions of support the unloading images.

3.     Preservation the layout (structure) of the layer *. xlsx and *. csv files.

4.     Loading objects. xlsx and *. csv file.

5.     Export selected thematic objects *. xlsx and *. csv file.

6.     Export GIS layers Extra's UniRaster.


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