ISGeo Atlas Navigator

ISGEO is one of the leading companies in the domain of cartography software and development of electronic maps on Ukrainian market. Many years of experience has helped to create an optimal solution for fast preparation and construction of cartographic information.

An iceberg of our work is a certain Atlas infrastructure to operate for a long time in a rapidly changing information technology (IT) and to ensure the creation, support and development of a whole family of atlases. AtlasNavigator – is actually navigator of Atlas infrastructure. Each atlas is created as a holistic, integrated, harmonious product, not as a fragmented collection of individual maps. AtlasNavigator has a list of the differences and advantages:

  1. Provide highest quality of perception electronic maps.
  2. Provide users with additional features as compared with paper maps.
  3. Provision of modern computer equipment.
  4. Mandatory technical preconditions for the further development of the Atlas:
    • addition of the new types of information;
    • preparation of the printed version;
    • possibility of publishing the maps on the Internet;
    • edition of the Quadrilingual version AtlasNavigator.
  5. The low cost of the final product caused by the appointment of the Atlas for public use.

The Company ISGeo has created the following solutions for atlases:

  1. The National Atlas of Ukraine, 2 editions, 2007, 2010.
  2. Atlas of radiation contamination of Ukraine (disk, printing), 3 editions, 2002, 2008, 2011.
  3. Publication: «All-Ukrainian Population Census: historical, methodological, social, economic, ethnic aspects», Ukr.,
  4. «Number and territorial distribution of the population of Ukraine», Ukr., 2003.
  5. 1 ENVREG: «Addressing the rehabilitation of secondary and medical consequences of the Chernobyl Catastrophe" (Zhytomyr, Rivne regions), publication on CD, 2001
  6. 2 ENVREG: «Addressing the rehabilitation of secondary and medical consequences of the Chernobyl disaster" (15 results of the pilot projects, territory of Ukraine), publication on CD, 2001-2002
  7. International Chernobyl project portal ICRIN:,

At the same time the end user can’t see only tip of the iceberg as AtlasNavigator. It is possible use other interesting elements Atlas infrastructure. With AtlasNavigator we can create atlases by technology ISGeo. This requires a series of steps. Infrastructure of preparation and production of the atlas contains of a product realization process, the development of which must have the following main components:

  1. Basic elements.
  2. Process of implementation.
  3. Products.
  4. Publication.

ISGeo provides a description of infrastructure preparation and production ISGeo technology on the example of the Atlas of radiation contamination of Ukraine.