National Atlas of Ukraine. Electronic Version

National Atlas of Ukraine

The National Atlas of Ukraine covers the huge volume of spatial information and gives information concerning the history, natural environment, population and economy of Ukraine.

The Atlas comprehensively covers different aspects of economic, demographic and natural resources potential of Ukraine. These aspects are based upon the modern databank, enlargement of which will stimulate further development of fundamental knowledge about Ukraine.

The National Atlas is an important component of the entire geoinformation system of the state. It may be helpful to legislative and executive powers in reasoning and defining strategies for programs of social and economic development; in planning and carrying out projects, scientific and research works; in dealing with issues of education and patriotic guidance of the citizens.

Electronic version combines traditional cartographic approaches with modern geoinformation technologies that tend to display full-scale information on the history, natural, social and ecological features of Ukraine at the beginning of the 21st century.

The Atlas smoothly combines six thematic blocks: general characteristics, history, natural environment and natural resources, population and human development, economy, ecological state of the environment.

Most of the information is displayed in the form of thematic maps, while additional information and comments – by means of charts, diagrams, explanation notes, and photographs.

The Atlas contains 875 unique maps that were created on the basis of the latest knowledge and statistical information, along with texts, graphs and photographs.

Electronic version of the National Atlas of Ukraine is intended at wide range of users of geographic information – from students to specialist geographers. Capabilities for interaction with the electronic version of the atlas depend only on the skills and cognitive interest of the user.

The Institute of Geography of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine granted statistical, geographical and other materials to ISGeo specialists. The latter engaged this information in the process of development of electronic version of the National Atlas of Ukraine. Electronic version also contains designer materials and maps styling that were created by SSPE "Kartographia" during the preparation of the printed version. The software of the electronic version and its functionality was developed by ISGeo.