AdmTerr 7.2.23 (Database of Administrative and Territorial System of Ukraine (DB AdmTerr))

DB AdmTer is means of data integration on human settlements and other objects of the administrative-territorial system of the state. The database contains codes COATSU (Classification of objects of the administrative-territorial system of Ukraine) and the names of the administrative-territorial units in Ukraine dated 01 desember 2014 , and information on the administrative jurisdiction and some additional information.

БД АдмТер

The product includes components that provide quick access to information:

  • Database AdmTer (current version AdmTer 7.2.23);;
  • Web services (CsAdmterViewWs - a web service is developed in C #, works with IIS, JAdmterViewWS - a web service is developed in Java, runs on Tomcat 7.0);
  • The demonstration program of web-services features, that can be used as a basis for developing a program to work with databases AdmTer.
  • Web services are a tool for engaging with database of administrative and territorial system of Ukraine and are intended for effectively using them.

    The database contains information on the following administrative and territorial units:

    БД АдмТер
    • Autonomous Republic of Crimea;
    • oblast;
    • regions;
    • city regions;
    • cities and towns;
    • small towns (town-type settlements);
    • village radas;
    • settlements;;
    • Villages.

    The following attributes are available for all types of units:

    • COATSU code dated Desember 2014;
    • Ukrainian name;
    • Russian name;
    • English name;
    • Administrative jurisdiction.

    All changes in the database are executed by the developer. The developer notifies the registered users about new versions and the identified errors during operation. The developer also receives comments and suggestions to improve the completeness, reliability and other characteristics of the database.

    DB AdmTerr is informational compatible with the electronic topographic map of Ukraine..

    DB AdmTerr is physically implemented in DBMS MS ACCESS format.

    With the tools of the product, the user can search for a place AdmTer (oblast, regions, village, etc.) by its name, for the administrative and territorial code or global identifier (GID). Examples of operations that can be performed are shown below.

    The script of use:

    • Search for the name of village.
    • Getting a list of regions belonging to specific oblast.
    • Searching region for its administrative-territorial code.
    • Searching the local council for its administrative-territorial code.
    • Searching the settlement for its administrative-territorial code.
    • Getting a list of regions the settlement for the administrative and territorial code of the settlement.
    • Getting a list of settlements, which are included in the certain oblast, region etc.

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