Demographic Database of Ukraine

The database of population quantity of Ukraine was created to identify the population quantity by each oblast, raion and inhabited area. In addition, the database provides information support for geographically bound information processing software.

The results of the All-Ukrainian Population Census held on December 5, 2001, were used to create the database. All the data was retrieved from the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine.

The DB contains data on the quantity of existing and permanent population with additional division into urban/rural and male/female.

Accurate identification of objects is guaranteed by the usage of COATSU codes (contracted Classifier of Objects of Administrative and Territorial System of Ukraine) and the names of administrative and territorial units of Ukraine, along with information on administrative jurisdiction.

The database contains information on the population quantity of the following administrative and territorial units:

  • Autonomous Republic of Crimea;
  • oblasts;
  • raions;
  • cities and towns;
  • small towns (town-type settlements);
  • settlements;
  • villages.

Every unit (except for inhabited areas and city raions) has its administrative center specified. The database also contains data on the type of each inhabited area.