Corporate GIS and Registration Systems

Corporate GIS:

Thematic Cartography Informational Intranet – System


The System is a part of the Integrated Automated System "Corporate Geoinformation System/The Unified Register of Ukrainian Oil Market Objects".

The system is meant for creating thematic maps upon the indexes of production and commercial activity; collecting and displaying table information on prices, production output, oil supply and selling; company performance analysis; displaying the location and features of spatial objects, related to the production and commercial activity of the company, on the map of Ukraine.

System capabilities allow analyzing production and commercial activity performance, track oil demand and prices dynamics; forecast the situation on Ukrainian and European market. In addition, the system carries out analysis and comparative analysis of the market on the basis of data of railway transportations and oil export-import customs records.

The system was created in 2004.

Technologies: ASP.
Development tools: MapInfo, MapXtreme 3.0.
DBMS: Oracle 9 I.

Discovery Banking Network

Banking network objects on the map

"Discovery Banking Network" product is an informational cartographic reference directory of banking network objects, i.e., branch banks, ATMs and other terminal equipment of the bank. The system is to be used by managers of various management levels.

"Discovery Banking Network" provides the managers of the bank with on-line access to current up-to-date information about bank objects. Other benefits of the product include visualization of banking network objects on the map, automated generating of reports on bank network work, reduced work capacity of contact center employees, etc.

The system was created in 2 stages in 2009.

Technologies: Java EE.
Development tools: MapInfo, MapXtreme Java 4.8.2, Eclipse.
DBMS: Oracle 10 g.

Network Incidents Visualization System

Network Incidents Visualization System

Network Incidents Visualization System is intended for consolidation and processing of information about the work of network equipment of a mobile network operator. The major advantage of the system is the creation of visual presentation of equipment work condition in real time mode. The system is implemented in the operator’s centers of monitoring and control over the quality of network performance.

The system has features to:

  • register, edit and browse incidents that emerge on various network objects;
  • create, coordinate and process applications for planned works on the network;
  • perform centralized storage of the list of network equipment classified by kind, type and manufacturer;
  • provide employers with access to the unified database of equipment and network incidents;
  • visualize the location of network equipment on country map and on maps of large cities;
  • visualize network incidents on country map and on maps of large cities;
  • create equipment downtime statistics (including creation of thematic maps);
  • customize and apply key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor the functioning of network equipment;
  • create and store reports on network incidents, planned and emergency repair works;
  • output information (including maps) on the videowall.

The system was created in 2009.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Java.
Development tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse, MapInfo, MapXtreme Java 4.8.2, NetBeans, Share Point Portal Services.
DBMS: Oracle 10 g.

Registration Systems:



GeoRegister is land titling software developed by ISGEO at the request of PADCO, Inc.

The software is used to register ownership of land and other real estate objects with the usage of geographic binding to the map (geocoding). The system automates major operations dealing with ownership documents: registration, storage, search and processing.

Cartographic component of the system allows specifying location of a land property on the electronic map, i.e., carrying out geographic binding (geocoding). It improves user-system interaction and, in addition, allows user to create a real estate code (cadastre number) that would be unique throughout Ukraine.

The system was created in 1997.

Development tools: Visual Basic, MapInfo.
DBMS: MS Access.