Rolling Stock Monitoring System

The system is intended for carrier organizations performing freight transportation by rail. Data on condition and location of railway carriages are used for making management decisions at middle and top management levels of an enterprise. Location data are not GPS-coordinates, but reports given by every railway station 1-2 times a day. The data contain gaps and mistakes, so it is necessary to process these data somehow before using them.

Original algorithm of input data processing allows keeping track of location of carriage groups and/or a separate carriage and, given daily data processing, getting complete information on carriage movement.

Automatic detection and processing of so called "suspicious" situations requiring dispatcher or manager interference, is performed. They can be caused by input data errors or non-standard progress of a situation, e.g., change of movement direction of a loaded carriage, movement of a carriage under repair (which shouldn't move), etc.

User interface and business logic of the system are implemented in the form of a desktop application compatible with MS Windows 2000/XP.

Rolling Stock Condition On-line Monitor System
Summary - just-in-time report of fixed form
in Excel format