Universal Raster Solution

Using GIS from ISGeo increases user efficiency with the spatial data.

  • Easy to fill spatial data with their own hand;
  • Getting all necessary information on the selected object / objects;
  • Import / export any information into convenient formats.
For users of automated systems (AS), requiring the reflection data of the thematic maps. The system is an information software for the visualization of spatial data by means of the thematic web. Which allows to:
  • reflect spatial thematic objects;
  • integrate the solution into AS (visualization, search, language, print);
  • connect simultaneously different layers of spatial objects;
  • integrate the address space to the decision;
  • select one of the several cards;
  • find objects with the search on the map;
  • obtain information on the selected object / objects.

In contrast to existing public tools, our product includes the ability to display means of Google, gives the opportunity of maintaining and promoting the solutions, using the cartographic and address resources of Ukraine, and storaging the confidential information content on the own servers of the customer. And in combination with GisExtra, can it even create, maintain and reflect their own network of objects with their own hand.

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More about UniRaster

Options for integration and use

  1. As a separate standalone website of the mapping support – the communication with the customer website is by using the links for the clicking the associated language version of UniRaster. The UniRaster page design is adapted for the customer's order, so that the user is not conspicuous that he had left the main site.
  2. Integrated in the site’s page of the customer in  iFrame - universal design without specific elements, but the content is not scanned by the search engines Google.
  3. The formation of interface components - UniRaster is designed according to the principle separation of the elements for certain components that enable to gain the final image from different cubes.

The script of use

  1. Visualization the thematic objects in the external and internal web-resources of the customer.
  2. Publication and display the information resources of the ISGeo’s site to an external site.
  3. Display the status of the thematic objects and layers.
  4. Search for Human Settlements, addresses and objects.
  5. Search for the nearest objects, measuring distances.
  6. Getting "Info" on the objects (including photos).
  7. Formation topical additional attributes of the selected object GisExtra.
  8. Use the basic elements of thematic mapping for visual analysis.
  9. Export and import the thematic objects.
  10. Print & write to the file the raster images with the thematic objects.

The implementation functions (business functions)

  1. Displaying thematic layers.
  2. Search for Human Settlements, addresses and objects.
  3. "Info" on the objects.
  4. Grouping objects according to the zoom map.
  5. Tree of the layers.
  6. Security of access to the layers.
  7. Issuance of additional attributes of the object with a "parent" systems.
  8. Use the basic elements of thematic mapping for visual analysis.
  9. Opportunities to work with different cards.






- General

The integration of Google's opportunities and the possibility of avoiding limitations of Google by similar decisions ISGeo

a set of applications that are based on shareware software: map service and technology provided by Google (maps and satellite images of the world)

- Information

The availability of owner’s information assets (maps and the address space, means of waging spatial objects)

emphasis is placed on Europe, America and Australia.

- Use

providing services both from the customer’s site and ISGeo site. In the future it is going to leave of the GIS platform through a bitmap solution (the raster cutting cards)

materials are available just free for personal non-commercial use (only for internal purposes)

- Editing

The possibility of providing the customer a tool for creating and managing its own network of objects (GisExtra)

The opportunity to edit autographic maps, but there is not ability to edit maps most of the countries

- Support

The opportunity to further support and development solutions

the number of requests from a one server is limited if the user / organization is not gained the right to the commercial use.


Phone/fax: (044) 338 01 82
E-Mail: company@isgeo.kiev.ua