Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation Software and Licenses

Name Price, HRN
Desktop Цены уточняйте
MapInfo Professional в отделе продаж по телефону
MapInfo Engage3D (044) 338 01 82
MapInfo Vertical Mapper
MapInfo MapBasic
pbEncom Discover
MapInfo Crime Profiler
MapXtreme for .Net
Location Intelligence Module
Enterprise Routing Module
Enterprise Geocoding Module
Universal Addressing Module
MapInfo Manager
MapInfo Stratus
MapInfo Exponare
Streets, Addresses & Roads
Reference Data
Postcode, Administrative & Suburb Boundaries
Geodemographics & Segmentation Models
Industry Specific Data

SpacEyes Software

Name Price, HRN
SpacEyes 3D Builder Please, clarify prices in the department of sales
SpacEyes 3D Server by phone (044) 338 01 82

PCI Geomatics Software

Name Price, HRN
Geomatica Please, clarify prices
Geomatica Core in the department of sales
Geomatica Prime by phone (044) 338 01 82
OrthoEngine Modules
Air Photo Ortho Suite  
Satellite Ortho Suite  
Radar Ortho Suite  
Ortho Production Toolkit  
Auto DEM  
Add-On and Stand-Alone Products
Pan Sharpening  
Certified NITF Data Support  
SAR Polarimetry Workstation  
Geomatica LidarEngine  
GeoRaster for Oracle