Maps and Cartography

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ISGEO is one of the leading companies in the domain of cartography software and development of electronic maps on Ukrainian market.

The company offers a wide range of services providing customers with digital cartographic materials. Our services include:

  • space and aerial photography processing and binding;
  • vectorization of topographic, thematic and special maps and plans of different scales in the formats the customer needs;
  • catalogue of ready-to-use vector maps with attribute information on territories of Ukraine and Europe;
  • creating and updating digital topographic, thematic and special maps and plans according to the data of remote sensing;
  • making separate additional thematic layers for GIS to order;
  • developing and creating electronic atlases on the chosen subject area.

Products created by our company find most extensive use for:

Strontium-90. Printing atlas
  • detailed study and assessment of the terrain;
  • building geoinformation systems for managing territories, transport, connection and communications;
  • maintaining land, city planning, forest, etc., cadastres;
  • ecological, cartographic, social, economic, etc., monitoring;
  • supporting decision-making in business and politics;
  • analyzing productive and commercial performance.

Digital maps may be presented in the exchange format of commercial GIS, DBMS, and publishing systems and in the specific ISGeo format.