"Discovery ATM Locator" Product Description

"Discovery ATM Locator" product is an interactive cartographic Internet application intended to inform users about the location, opening hours and services provided by banking network objects. In the description of "Discovery ATM Locator" the term "banking network objects" means branch banks and automatic teller machines (ATMs) of the bank where the given software is implemented, along with ATMs of its partner banks.

To provide user convenience, banking network objects are shown on the maps of regions and large cities of Ukraine. At present, the list of electronic maps of large settlements contains more than 50 cities. Information about objects located in other settlements is available to users in the form of tables and lists.

Potential users of the product are unauthorized Website visitors and contact center operators of the bank.

With the help of this product and an ordinary browser, quickly and effortlessly, users will be able to independently get an answer to a question like:

  • Where is the ATM or branch bank nearest to me (or to a metro station)?
  • Are there any ATMs or branches of the bank (or of partner banks) along our travel route? How many, where and which exactly?
  • Where exactly is the nearest ATM or branch bank in a city unfamiliar to me? Show it on the map.
  • What services does the branch bank provide? How can I contact it?
  • What currency does the ATM work with? Could you specify its opening hours?
  • Where can I get a list of ATMs located in my city and working 24 hours a day?

By using data administrator interface bank employees can independently place objects on maps and edit information about them.

User Interface

Working with a Map
Moving around the map is implemented by dragging it. To zoom in and out mouse scroll or scale slider is used.
Tools for managing the displaying of object groups are available. Users can receive the hyperlink to the current position of the map or print the visible map area.

Search by Object

Search Location
The search is implemented in the vicinity of a point set on the map by user. As a result the objects will be sorted according to their remoteness from the point. In case of a nearby underground search in the vicinity of a metro station is available.
Search Objects
Search objects are branch banks and ATMs. User can eliminate the unnecessary results by specifying search criteria.

Results of the Search by Object

Search Results Grouping
The objects found are enumerated according to their remoteness from the search point and are shown on the tab panel by groups. User can browse groups using navigation buttons.
Object Indication
The objects that were found are indicated at by markers. When rolling the mouse cursor over the element of the list, the color of the corresponding marker changes. When browsing any group, user is always able to see the set searched point.

Information on the Object

Information Card
When pointing at the object the user is shown an information window containing object description.

Search by Address Base

Streets and Buildings Search
Object search by its address is provided. To search for a street a user should enter its full or partial name. Search result is given as a list of streets with the numbers of buildings located on each street. By choosing a building number the user is zoomed in to the chosen building on the map.

Object Lists

Object Lists in Settlements
The list of objects located in a settlement is available for each settlement. The list contains object information and links to the object location on the map.

Data Administration

Data Administrator Interface
Setting and editing banking network objects on the map is performed by the employees of the bank.
Data administrator interface has features to set new objects on the map, as well as to movie and to delete those that already exist.
Data Logging
Information about all the operations with data performed by users is saved to log files and is available to system administrators.