"Discovery ATM Register" Product Description

"Discovery ATM Register" product is intended for accounting the purchase, installation, modernization, servicing and decommissioning of self-service terminals (SST). In the description of "Discovery ATM Register" the term "self-service terminals" stands for all types of ATMs (cash out/in) and other terminal self-service devices capable of performing pay cards operations.

The product consists of the following modules:

  • Informational Reference Work Module. Allows creating, editing and deleting the elements of the built-in reference directories.
  • SST and Works Performed Register Module. Recording and creating equipment information cards, control over maintenance work performed.
  • Data Logging Module. Data logging of all user actions concerning inputting, changing or deleting the SST data and operations with reference directory elements.
  • User Software Complex Administration Module. User registration. Data access rights administration.
  • LDAP User Authentication Module. User authentication and authorization on the basis of LDAP information.
  • Reports Generating and Exporting Module. Allows creating reports in various formats (HTML, MS Excel, PDF).

Data Structure and Association Block Diagram

SST Registration

SST registration is carried out by the registrator (a user who carries out SST recording work and has the right to check in and pass over the SST). During the registration he inputs:

  • equipment information (serial number, type, storage location);
  • information about supply contract (supply date, manufacturer, model, cost, software and hardware data, etc.);
  • software-hardware configuration;
  • warranty and service conditions.

SST Information Search

The following directions of search are provided:

  • search by type (ATM cash out/in or other terminal devices);
  • search by installation location (in the bank premises, in the self-service zone, etc.);
  • search by record location (is in storage, is delivered or is being exploited by the major (branch) bank, etc.);
  • by work status (is new, is being exploited, is decommissioned or processed);
  • search by supply or warranty service contracts.

User Interface

Left side of the display contains a navigation tree, the elements of which condition the SSTs search direction. Moving up and down the tree the user changes the search conditions. SST search results are shown to the right in the form on a table. Each row contains SST information. When choosing a row an SST information card is shown.

Below you can find search process illustrations along with the content of information cards of the SST that were found.

User Interface. Equipment search
SST record card. General information
Supply and warranty service contracts
Communication settings
Software-hardware configuration
History of works performed