"Discovery Banking Network" Product Description

"Discovery Banking Network" product is an informational cartographic reference directory of banking network objects, intended for managers of various management levels. In the description of "Discovery Banking Network" the term "banking network objects" stands for branch banks, ATMs and other terminal equipment of the bank where this product is exploited.

"Discovery Banking Network" provides the managers of the bank with on-line access to current information about bank objects.

This information includes:

  • geographical location;
  • the description of the settlements where the banking network objects are located;
  • contact information, opening hours, list of services provided;
  • registration data;
  • premises information;
  • staff information;
  • client information;
  • material resources;
  • statistical and financial reports.

"Discovery Banking Network" product advantages:

  • permanently available current information on bank network;
  • on-line information update mechanism with change tracking features;
  • providing information according to the access rights granted;
  • visualization of banking network objects on the map;
  • automated generating of reports on bank network work;
  • reduced work capacity of contact center employees.

Interactive Map

Object Reference Directory
The main page of the reference directory contains the list of regions/settlements where the banking network objects are located. When a region/settlement is chosen, general information on this region/settlement and an interactive map containing banking network objects appear on the right side of the page.

Reference Information

Information on the banking network objects of the chosen region or settlement is represented in the form of a list as well. When choosing an object on the map or in the table user is shown the object information card. The list of objects of a settlement and the content of the information card is shown below.

Viewing the list of banking network objects in a settlement
Object information card. General information
Object information card. Telephone directory
Object information card. Services provided
Object information card. Products
Object information card. Financial ratios
Object information card. Premises information
Object information card. Material resources