"Skylock-Inform" Transport Monitor Information System

Transport monitor system is intended to provide connection with distant moving objects – motor vehicles. With the help of this system motor transportation companies can carry out effective management and control over motor transportation.

Monitoring system allows increasing the effectiveness of transport usage, optimizing transport costs, increasing the profitability of transportation, carrying out control over transport location, its speed and movement direction; the system helps to prevent unplanned usage of resources.

System Features

  1. Object (cars, drivers, customers) database maintenance;
  2. Divided access for groups of operators to monitored objects and system functions;
  3. Usage of different means of telecommunication: SMPP (Short message peer-to-peer protocol) protocol, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) package radio transmission, CSD (Circuit Switched Data) data transmission standard technology or GSM Data in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network;
  4. Message exchange with monitored objects (giving commands, data reception);
  5. Displaying monitored objects on digital map (current location and movement tracks for a period of time);
  6. Fuel usage control.

Advantages of System

  1. Facility for getting objective and reliable information on transport exploitation at any moment of time and for any period of time;
  2. Elaboration of optimal vehicle movement plans;
  3. Prevention of non-purpose use of vehicles by drivers, for personal needs in particular;
  4. Facility to elaborate driver workload charts and vehicle functioning capacity charts, which results in the increase in freight traffic volume;
  5. Elimination of the possibility of fuel stealing and speedometer indicators falsification;
  6. Facility for just-in-time interference in the transportation process if necessary.

The Skylock Monitoring System Work Principles

Vehicle monitoring information system is based on the usage of GPS (Global Positioning System) global positioning technology. With the help of the GPS system the location of moving objects is being monitored with high precision, key movement parameters (speed, direction, way travelled, distance to the endpoint, time spent) are being assessed.

Vehicle is being equipped with a compact GPS-fit block. The block’s size allows installing it invisibly. Information exchange between the vehicle and the dispatcher station is implemented via GSM mobile network. System functioning in real-time mode is provided by GPRS channel.

The installed GPS- receiver defines the vehicle location in space, processes received data and transmits it via GSM network to the Dispatcher center.

The Skylock monitor center represents a computerized work place of a dispatcher who carries out analytical and control functions. The Dispatcher center carries out the collection of information that comes from the vehicles. Information processing and analysis as well as the creation of reports on key movement parameters of either a separate object or all the objects at once, is also carried out in the center.

Users of the System

The monitoring system provides two work modes: object database direct administration mode and operator mode (limited access mode).

In the administration mode dispatcher can access all possible operations with objects:

  • browse and edit information on available autos/drivers;
  • browse and edit information on available units (blocks with GPS-receivers);
  • browse and edit information on customers;
  • add/remove objects;
  • customize object attributes.

The operator mode allows to only receive information on autos/drivers and units, that is to say to make queries and create reports.

Creating Object Database (Motor Vehicles, Drives, Units, Customers)

Each object attribute is described in a separate form.

The description of unit attributes includes: unit number, SIM number, unit type, manufacturer, version, data transfer protocol, etc.

The vehicle description includes the following major characteristics: name, state number, model, category, engine capacity, fuel usage per 100 km, fuel capacity, etc.

Input of personal information on drivers and their attachments to vehicles is carried out in the "Drivers" form.

Form "Vehicles"
Form "Drivers"

Vehicle Location Detecting in Real Time Mode

A special representational mode is available to the user if he works in the system using a map. The mode allows displaying either different maps or one and the same map, in different windows. This means, a user can be displayed different maps with locations of different vehicle groups on them.

Vehicle location detecting may be carried out with the help of location queries either for the present moment or for a date or a period of time.

When a user queries location for the present moment, one point is being displayed on the map. A user is shown the vehicle’s condition and its actual location address (in case the vehicle is within the boundaries of a settlement with an available map).

When a user queries location for a period of time, the vehicle’s track (pathway) for the period is displayed on the map.

Query for location at present moment
Query for location for a time period

Route Planning

In the SkyLock system route planning is carried out manually on the map. There’s also a feature allowing to automatically build up a route with the shortest distance according to the road categories. Different road categories (of regional, state or international significance) may be selected in the process of building the optimal route way. Depending on selected road categories the system may offer several options of an optimal route.


In order to analyze the work done users implement the report creating function provided in the system. The form of the report may vary in correspondence to the user’s needs. Reports may be created in Microsoft Excel or HTML format. Reports are given for any period of time. A report may concern all vehicles or its separate groups; it may be detailed or summary; it may sort data by event, fuel usage, speed, etc.

Report for a period of time with data sorted by driver