Integrated Automated System "Corporate Geoinformation System/The Unified Register of Ukrainian Oil Market Objects"

The system is intended for use at retail and wholesale oil marketing companies and organizations.

The integrated automated system comprises two subsystems:

  • Jobber Programme Informational Support Subsystem (a package of programs for support of mobile groups);
  • Thematic Cartography Informational Intranet – System.

Jobber Programme Informational Support Subsystem in the structure of the IAS "Corporate Geoinformation System/Unified Register of Ukrainian Oil Market Objects"

The system is destined for collecting and analysis of data on fuel quality inspection and jobber standards compliance on fuel stations.

It consists of two programme packages:

  1. Software for jobber standards compliance control Inspector is meant for the automation of the process of jobber standards compliance inspection, inspection data assessment, preparation of the document "Fuel Station Inspection Report".
  2. Software for fuel quality control Inspector is meant for the automation of the process of fuel quality inspection, exactness of release amount, inspection data assessment, preparation of the documents:
    • Oil Products Sampling Report;
    • Pump Machines Release Accuracy Inspection Report;
    • Report for Oil Offloading into Fuel Tanks while Release Accuracy Inspection;
    • Testing Protocol;
    • Checklist of Object Inspection on the issues of labor safety, industrial safety and environment protection while sub-license contract conclusion.

Data received after inspections, is being input into the unified database; this provides an opportunity to accumulate statistics on fuel quality inspections for a period of time.

Program Package for Quality Control Inspector
Tab "Geography"
Program Package for Quality Control Inspector.
Fuel station inspection report preparation pattern

The subsystem also includes a function for creating reports with the help of the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) tool.

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services provides business-users who need to process data, create their own reports from scratch and use them together with the colleagues, with additional reporting capabilities.

Thematic Cartography Informational Intranet – System

The system is meant for creating thematic maps upon the indexes of production and commercial activity; collecting and displaying table information on prices, production output, oil supply and selling; company performance analysis; displaying the location and features of spatial objects, related to the production and commercial activity of the company, on the map of Ukraine.

Every block of functions requires input data, received from regional managers, price agencies, railway transportation departments, import-export customs records.

System capabilities allow analyzing production and commercial activity performance, track oil demand and prices dynamics; forecast the situation on Ukrainian and European market. In addition, the system carries out analysis and comparative analysis of the market on the basis of data of railway transportations and oil export-import customs records.

The system carries out:

  • creation of interactive thematic maps upon various indicators;
  • creation of information tables;
  • creation of charts and diagrams for market dynamics tracking.

Main function blocks of the subsystem:

  • Monitoring;
  • Market Analysis;
  • Object Map;
  • Map of Europe;
  • Operation Panel;
  • Railways Monitoring;
  • Digest.


The function block is destined for building and displaying a group of thematic maps, charts, diagrams for tracking prices and sales volume dynamics upon the following data:

  • for a period of time;
  • by trading type (small wholesale/retail);
  • by goods (petrol, RT, etc.).

Source data is retreived from the Unified Database.

There are also capabilities for visualizing the map of Ukraine with data on large wholesale oil deliveries from Ukrainian oil processing plants (OPP), creation of tables containing data on large and average wholesale prices for the goods of interest along with oil processing and oil products manufacturing.

Reports Library
Thematic Map

Market Analysis

Market analysis tasks fulfillment is divided into two large blocks: oil products "Consumption" and "Supplies".

The "Consumption" block allows displaying information on consumption of various types of oil products, import/export, oil processing, along with demand and supply by Ukrainian region.

The "Supplies" block is meant for resolving the issues of analysis and comparative analysis of the market on the basis of data of railway transportations and oil export-import customs records. During supplies analysis the following dependencies are used: start and end points of a railway carriage travel route are attached to certain OPPs and oil terminals. Knowing carriages movement it is possible to estimate the volumes of oil products supplies from plants to oil terminals and regions and calculate the segment of every OPP in the regions. The results of the analysis are given in the form of tables, thematic maps, charts and diagrams.

The following thematic maps are created for resolving the issues of analysis and comparative analysis of the market on the basis of data of railway transportations and oil export-import customs records:

  • Transport flows by oil products type in various trading networks;
  • Oil products supplies by various trading networks by region;
  • Oil products supplies for export sale;
  • Oil products import.

There are also charts and diagrams reflecting the alteration of parameters that are being displayed on thematic maps, in time and by market segment.

All the data that is displayed on thematic maps, is available in the form of table.

For comparative analysis of oil products consumption indexes a special panel is used. It is implemented as four independent windows and a panel with customization tools. This allows users to simultaneously download four independent query results into browser window.

Oil Products Consumption
Oil Products Supplies Comparative Analysis Panel

Object Map

The function is meant for visualization of the location of selected spatial object (settlement, railway station or petrol station) on the map of Ukraine and displaying detailed information about it. The advantage of the map lies in additional instruments for its most convenient using.

Map of Europe

Interactive map of oil industry in Europe includes the following spatial objects:

  • Settlements;
  • Reservoirs;
  • Pipelines;
  • Pumping stations;
  • Oil accounting points;
  • OPP, GPP;
  • Oil products loading and offloading points;
  • WFLH terminals;
  • Oil supply options;
  • Routes of oil transportation by sea;
  • State boundaries;
  • Lines of communication.
Object Map. Petrol Station Map Visualization
Map of Europe. European Oil Industry Map

Operation Panel

Operation panel consists of a scrolling text display that shows the latest changes in prices for oil products by OPP, and six independent windows:

  • Prices for Oil;
  • Prices for Petrol, Diesel Fuel and Fuel Oil;
  • Demand Satisfaction Rate;
  • Average Market Prices for Oil Products in Ukraine;
  • Russia-Oil;
  • Comparison of prices in Ukraine and Russia.

Railroads Monitoring

Railroads Monitoring is used for on-line display of location and movement of cisterns along railroads. It allows visualizing data on the number of rail-tank cars by type of fuel on different railroad stations for any period of time, by way of thematic maps, tables and charts.

The Digest

This system capability is used for news digest publishing. The News Digest subsystem is implemented as a component of the Thematic Cartography System. The subsystem comprises two independent parts:

  • The "Digest" Intranet-application for news publishing;
  • The News Digest Maintenance Utility.

The major task of the News Digest is to provide users with real information on market subject area from different sources for the selected date. The News Digest Maintenance Utility is used for news messages input and editing.

Operation Panel. General View of the Operation
Railroads Monitoring. Rolling Equipment
Availability and Moving Traffic
The Digest. General views of the News Digest